Goodbye Email To Coworkers On Last Working Day Email Sample May 15, 2022

Goodbye Email To Coworkers On Last Working Day: Email Samples

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In 10 minutes you’ll know how to write the best goodbye email to colleagues or Last working day email and it matters a lot.

You must write a good goodbye email or last working day email message whether you loved the job or hated it. No matter what your reason for leaving a company, figuring out what to say in your final goodbye email can often be difficult.

Most employees don’t send last working day email. Or send out goodbye notes that just not impressive.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll do way better than those employees.

In this article, you’ll find:
You should always aim to leave on a good note on your last working day.

  • How to write a last working day email that will leave you on a good note.
  • Sample goodbye email or last working day email which you can copy, adjust, and use.
  • What you need to know about the last working day email etiquette: when to write it, to whom to address it, and how to send it.

To begin with see the set of guidelines or tips which can help you to in understanding the format of goodbye email or last working day email.

How To Write The Best Goodbye Mail To Colleagues Or Last Working Day Email?

Email subject line:

Last working day email subject line is important as its your official email written in a formal structure. Subject line should indicate that you are notifying people about your last day in a polite and professional way.

Example: "Goodbye [company name] !!!", "Bidding Adieu !!!", "Signing Off!!", "Thank You Everyone!!" etc. More examples of Last working day email subject line

Keep it concise:

Ensure that your last working day email is formal, professional, polite, clear, concise and conveys the intention behind the email. Almost everyone leaves the company with some specific reason. If your reason is negative, try to avoid writing it in the email.

Remember to express gratitude:

In order to ensure that you are leaving the office on a postive note, express gratitude towards your office colleagues with whom you have worked directly or indirectly in the office. More on email writing formats..

Mention about work:

Write some points about your work experience and exposure that you got in the organization.

Personalise your goodbye email:

Personalise your goodbye email by mentioning the names of your close friends, colleagues and recall the times when you had fun at work.

Strengthen your network:

Mention your personal email address and contact number in the last working day email. Express that receipients of last working day email can can reach you in case they want to connect to you.

Email Signature:

Make it easy for your colleagues to contact you by mentioning your current desk location in the last working day mail so that colleagues can come to meet you on the last day. Create professional email signature for free here in seconds..

Simple as that! You have understood the format of last working day email.

Here are the perfect last working day email samples right from subject line to sign off.

Last Working Day Mail Sample 1

Email Subject Line: Signing Off!!

Email Message:

Hello All,

The inevitable has arrived. My Last Working Day at [XYZ Organization].

I want to pay my heartiest gratitude for being able to get to know you both personally and professionally over the past three and half years. The collaboration which we’ve had in these many years is the one which I will always cherish.

Since [XYZ Organization] was (is) my first company, I was very fortunate to get the kind of learning that I got from here and as well as from each one of you. Here I got to know how that life is entirely different compared to what you’re taught in schools and colleges. However, the people who were alongside me have helped me to adjust and taught me how to deal with all that life throws at you.

It has been a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with all of you.

Sincere thanks to all my project managers, leads for your support and guidance to excel in my career. It was really a wonderful experience. I would like to say thanks to the [project name 1] and [project name 2] team. It was great fun and learning experience with you all.

Special thanks to my training friends although only a few now remain here 😃 . Thank you all for making my first few months at [XYZ Organization] so memorable! A very Big "Thank You" to you guys with whom I have spent the wonderful moments, that would last a lifetime. I wish you all the very best in life.

It was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you. Needless to say, please stay in touch.

Thanks and Regards,
[Your name]
Email: [Your Personal Email]
Contact Number: [Your Contact Number]
Desk Location: [Your Current Desk Location]

Last Working Day Mail Sample 2

Email Subject Line: Good-bye and Thank You!!

Email Message:

Dear All,

As most of you know today is my last working day with [XYZ Organization], a journey that started [tenure in XYZ Organization] years ago.

I express my sincere appreciation for opportunities given to me during my tenure.

A big thank you to my leaders, colleagues, customers who have supported and mentored me during this time. I am really grateful to the people whom I've worked with over these years.

You can always reach out to me on [Your email address]. My cell no remains the same [Your cell number]

[Your name]

Last Working Day Mail Sample 3

Email Subject Line: Good-bye and Thank You!!

Email Message:

Dear All,

It was a pleasure working with all of you. My [XYZ Organization] journey of close to [tenure in XYZ Organization] years was a wonderful and enriching experience in all aspects. I was given opportunities to expand my horizon.

I am immensely grateful to all my managers in [Project names that you worked on] who made my progression seamless. I am equally grateful to my peers, architects, DBA's, PO's, Development, and testing teams who supported me in every step of my way.

I would love to work with you again in future. I hope our paths cross. Till that time, please keep in touch. You can buzz me at [Your cell number] or email me at [Your email address].

All the best for your professional and personal journey. May we all be able to find and follow our Ikigai 🙂

[Your name]

Final Thoughts on last working day email

In this article, we’ve learned how to write a prefect last working day email. Personalize your email as much as possible and use our guidelines to leave the company on good notes.

Sending a last working day email to your coworkers is an important final step in resigning from your position. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude while also sharing your contact information for future correspondence.

You never want to leave a company on bad terms, and a well-written last working day email can help ensure a smooth transition.

All The Best for your next chapter!

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